Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sad Swapper - EDIT Grateful Swapper

So it is sad news...I sent off my Thank You Swap a long time ago and then I received an empty envelope back. :(
I guess the swaps that were going to be sent to me fell out of the envelope, but now there's nothing that can be done. Wish that there was though. ..::sigh::..

I would like to share some news on this matter. My swap hostess felt bad that I didn't get my swap and she decided to send me some of her own. I was really touched that she chose to, since essentially it wasn't either one of our faults that things didn't get to the final destination. But I am super appreciative and it really says so much about why I care so much about stamping - the community shows me that even if life doesn't go as you expect, there are people out there that care and are willing to go above and beyond to remind us of that. That is why I like making cards and giftables, and am proud to be a part of the stamping community. Thank you to ChicagoGirl on SCS - for being a sweet hostess.

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